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Sophies was featured in an article in TV Repartee magazine, issue 53. The magazine is still available from Rose's by clicking on the magazine cover (right) if you want to read the full review.

But here are just a few quotes from the magazine anyway:


"We had a great day and would recommend anyone, wanting a good makeover from a very nice genuine person, to check out Sophie’s. You won’t be disappointed!"

"It really made a nice change to have a makeover and someone on hand to give advice and take photos. It’s a fun day out and I think could be as enjoyable and useful to someone who is already out on the scene as well, of course, as to those with no other chance to dress."

"Juliette really does look after you and makes you feel welcome, nothing is too much trouble. We had a lovely day, thanks to Juliette for the make-over, photos and food"


Sophie's was again in Repartee Magazine when one of Juliette's girls, Josephine was featured in Repartee, issue 63. (Click on the cover image for more details)

"I do not have any experience of the TV scene and have always enjoyed ‘dressing’ in private for my own pleasure, notwithstanding one or two exceptions. One of these was on a recent visit to Sophies Dressing Service in Bath where Juliette worked her magic and I ventured into Bath town centre. The experience was incredibly exciting and liberating. I loved hearing the clip-clop of my heels on the pavement and feeling the fresh air around my smooth stocking clad legs. I also found it quite scary that my secret might be discovered at any point. I am pleased to say that this did not happen and I seemed to pass unnoticed as a woman through the streets of the Bath." Josephine



TV Repartee magazine, issue 70 features Sophies regular Rachel, with her first professional photo-shoot to celebarte the 10th anniversary of her first visit. The magazine is available from Rose's by clicking on the magazine cover (right).

"My stay coincided with the tenth anniversary of my first visit to Sophies Dressing Service and my first meeting with the wonderful Juliette who runs it. That first meeting was a very significant advancement in my ‘dressing'. The makeover she did for me, at a time when my eyebrows may have been a bit thicker, was just fabulous ..."


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Josephine at Sophie's




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