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We have a range of clothing and wigs - so don't worry if you don't have your own!

We have many clothes in various sizes for you to try on at your leisure, including skirts, dresses,
coats, and jackets. We also have shoes and various items for purchase at knock down prices!

We can, of course, provide a wig to help perfect your feminie look during your stay with us.

For those wishing to have their own, we have a varied selection of wigs (both new and second-hand) for sale at reasonable prices. Please contact us for details.

We've probably all made mistakes when buying wigs by mail order, only to try them on at home and find they look nothing like they did in the advert when they are on us! It's also hard to choose the right style if you go to a shop in 'male-mode'. However Juliette has years of experience in helping to choose the right wig that really suits. Once your make-up has been done it's so much easier to select the right wig, with a little expert help!

Please contact Juliette for more info, prices and to make a booking.

Wigs from as little as 25 - various colours and styles always available


Please note that Sophie's does NOT provide any sexual service whatsoever.

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